As we did for the first part of the trip, you can find below the next stories about our adventure …

Before to start the 2nd part of the journey,we take time to say goodbye to everybody. But we have the feeling that this is not forever, we will see each other again. Hard to leave the farm but we have to go… We continue our way to the east and we discover Iseo lake, not without troubles : small accident. In fact, Pauline « kissed » softly a car. Hopefully, everything is fast repared ! Then we go to Garda lake, where we almost miss the ferry to cross it ! As we are girls and Verona is on our road, we go through the city to find the house of Giulietta. Finally, it is not what we remember the most about this city which has a nice architecture and also good ice creams. This part of Italy is full of wineyards in which we have the chance to spend one night.

We stopped one day in Bolzano Vicentino to meet Paola which works with disable people and help them to be independant. Friends are waiting for us in Padova and we decide to take the train to join this city. Even with this, we have to ride the bike one hour under a big rain for the first time. We arrive in Padova wet but happy to see our friends : Anna and Emilien ! Thanks to them. As this city is close to Venice we want to go there but it is not that easy with bikes. We decide finally to take ferries from Fusina to Alberoni and from Lido to Punta Sabbioni. By this way, we see Venice from far but still it is nice and we both already know the city. We go through a touristic village on the beach : Lido di Jesolo. Hopefully, they aren’t that much tourist at this moment even it is 30 °C. We have some trouble to find a cheap campsite : all are around 24 € ! During our last day in Italy, we have the chance to meet a german guy : Filbo. It is really interesting to speak with him and to learn about his crazy trip. His aim is to join Australia !

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Now it is time for us to discover Slovenia : the green heart of Europe. We are waiting for it since a long time, even if we don’t know slovenian language. Few kilometers before the border, we meet a slovenian biker. He explain us that people are really nice and kind in Slovenia and that we shouldn’t be afraid to ask them for a piece of garden or everything else. He was right ! We have a lot of different meetings. First, a nice family let us put the tent in their garden and offer us good cake. Then we stop in a warm shower. This couple was really interesting, the girl was making handcrafts (handbag, key ring, …) and she worked few months for UNICEF on the border with Austria to help refugees. With them, we learn a lot about Slovenia, how they live, where they work … We have also a really funny meeting with a farmer family. It is interesting because we can visit the farm and discover cows and pigs. The son of the family (about 30 years old) showed us everything and in the middle of the conversation in a bad english ask us if we have boyfriend before to say that he is single ! Ahahah funny, we still laugh about it ! Besides those nice people, we discover also beautiful and different landscapes. When we cross the border between Italy and Slovenia, we directly see a difference : small roads and villages, lots of forest, few cars… We are also suprised about all gardens people have with a lot of potatoes field. Actually, it is like this in all the country because of the communist time. They could use every empty space to produce food. The surname given to the country is true : lots of forest and green pasture espacially in valleys near Kamnik. People are making hay by hand and we see strange staff in the field to dry hay. In Slovenia, there are also mountains in the north part called Julian Alps. We see them on the way to Kamnik but we don’t have time and energy to go closer. In flat landscape near Celje, we discover hop field which are use to produce the two beers of the country Lasko and Union. And then under a strong sun and 30 °C, we cross vineyards. In this region between Celje and Maribor, roads are going up and down sometimes 10 % or 14 % slope. We leave Slovenia with beautiful landscape in the mind and big heart after all those nice meetings.

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We cross border with Austria in Spielfield, it is strange because it is a big way for car and we feel small near it. But fast we join the « Murradweg » (bike way along the Mur river) which we will follow until Pöls. Hopefully, we are not always near the river, we also go through villages. We spend our first night in a farm which produce pigs. It is funny because they come to talk to us but Marie has some trouble to understand them because of the strong accent. Indead, austrian people are nice and when we stop to look the map they are coming to ask if we need help to find our way. Actually, as usual, you can’t put all people in the same bag ! We arrive in Graz and are looking for the main square. We ask somebody for it and he shows us the way. Before to leave us, he advices us to take care of our staff because there are some people stoling them. But it is not Austrian people ! No it is foreign people, you know « the one who are not allowed to be here, or refugees or roms »… At this moment, we could guess what he voted on the last elections. If you don’t know about it, there were presidential election and the result was close from 50 % – 50 % : extrem right against ecologist but ecologist won ! We are a bit upset against him but still we enjoy this nice city with the clock tower on a hill, the river and beautiful buildings. We leave this city under the rain after 30 min by waiting under a bridge. We continue on the « Murradweg » two more days between mountains, highway and railway and still with a bit of rain everyday. We don’t enjoy that much the landscape with this weather but it is beautiful ! We are happy to arrive in Pöls even if we know that we have still 4 more km to join the farm which is 400 m higher. Hopefully, the daughter of the family take our luggage and we use our last strength to climb this mountain. Finally, we arrive, it was worth it : the view is wonderful !

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