Our lovely friends from abroad, it is time to write an article in english just for you ! To share our trip, feelings and stories…

More than two weeks that we left Robion ! We arrived safely in Bagaggera on thursday the 21st April. It is our first wwoofing place. Before to tell you more about this farm, we would like to explain you our travel to arrive there.

The first week, we travelled in France from Robion to Nice by crossing different villages (Villemus, Pierrerue, Moustiers Sainte Marie, Castellane and Andon). All those places where really nice, we enjoyed the nature and small roads with (almost) nobody on it. We were surprised by the view on the Alps from the plateau of Valensole. Marie discovered the Regional Park of Verdon which is a touristic place espacially in the summer. We met nice people on the way and we thank warmly all people who hosted us ! This first week, we just camped one time and it was really cold. After this night, we were happy to join a nice « Warm Shower » around 1 100  m high. We left mountains to join Nice via the col de Vence (famous because of the « Tour de France »). It was difficult for us to arrive in a big city ! In fact, we weren’t used to be carefull about people and car. We had a first bad feeling about this city. Hopefully, the day after, we took some time to discover it. The city center is pretty nice and colourful.

Next step : Italy ! We took the train to cross the border and avoid significant difference in height. We saw a big difference between the french coast and the italian one. Acutally, in Italy, mountains are closer from the coast and steeper than in France. It doesn’t help to develop cities and tourism. But after Alassio (when you come from the French side), it starts to be more dynamic despite old buildings without renovation which are in the middle of the city ! We had difficulties to find a flat place where to put the tent because cities were one after the other. We decided to go to campsites. We were surprised about the number of greenhouses on the coast ! We discovered that it is to produce flowers. After two days biking on the coast, we started to be bored about this way. We decided to take the train to join Arquata Scrivia (from Savona) also to avoid Genoa. Landscapes, weather and agriculture were totally different in the other side of the mountains (which separate Genoa from the Pô plain). We joined the plain of the Po where they grow rice. We also had a beautiful view on the Apennins and the Alps. After some time, it starts to be boring : too flat, same landscapes.. Hopefully, we arrived at the farm on a hill with a nice view and (almost) nobody around.

Finally, the first part of our trip was interesting : lots of different landscapes, meeting with a lot of people,… And also we are proud of ourselves, espacially because we biked 740 km and arrived at 1248 m high !

Let’s take time to discover the farm, to be able to speak about it later :).



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